Why should someone come to us instead of 

the competition?


  • We offer a small business atmosphere where the customer does not get lost in the shuffle.

  • A qualified representative will meet with you at your home to ensure that each project gets 

the individual attention that it deserves.

  • We start by discussing your needs. Then we will provide useful evaluations and information to assist you in choosing the perfect replacement window options for your specific needs.

  • Our representatives do not work on commission so there are no high-pressure sales tactics 

or pricing tricks.


  • We are strait with our pricing. We do not believe in using sales gimmicks that give the 

appearance of lower pricing only to tack the costs on elsewhere.


  • Our representatives work with you after your replacement windows have been installed to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the job.


  • In short, we believe in treating our customers they way that we would like to be treated and the way  that we would treat our own families.


Our installers are certified by Installation 

Masters. A program that is specifically 

designed to help window installers:


  • Work more accurately, avoiding costly and time-consuming callbacks


  • Work more efficiently, optimizing time


  • Work more effectively, providing the highest energy efficient window installation


  • Maximize product benefits for happier, more  satisfied customers

What qualifies us to do the work:


  • We have been in the construction industry for over twenty-five years.


  • We have built over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of commercial and multi-family dwellings.


  • We have been awarded contracts in excess of 1.6 million dollars.


  • Built numerous custom homes and constructed countless remodeling projects and additions.


  • With our experience in the construction industry, we know how to evaluate the structure of your home before we remove the old windows or doors, thus helping to come to your 

installation with the proper materials to do any necessary repairs or to replace rotted wood.

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